What Would I’ve Done. . .If He Wasn’t Here?

What a way to start the new year! TIPPING! No, not tipping someone for good service or helping but tipping this #wheelchair with me in it!

So we thought we did good months ago when my honey made some renovations to the master bathroom. Typical renovations, now a necessity, for #living_this_paralyzed_life, wider doorway and wall sink with no under cabinet. Living in a condo, renovations are limited due to rules regarding structural limitations. None the less, the changes we did we thought would at least give me the ability to go into the bathroom to brush my teeth

and wash my face, without assistance from my honey, GREAT right, until it wasn’t.

A few days ago I was going into the bathroom and I must have attempted to turn to soon when the small front wheel apparently hit the marble threshold and tipped me backwards. THANKFULLY, 🙏my honey is working remote and was able to come running to rescue me! Don’t misunderstand, I love that I can go in the bathroom on my own, put on my makeup, brush my teeth, etc., it’s just now I’m more leary.

Being a #little_person means tipping is much more probable because my legs aren’t long enough for enough front weight to keep me balanced.

One year ago this month, my honey and I traveled to Baltimore looking for solutions but came up empty handed. In my “When Enough Has To Be Enough” I explained that, after a week, we didn’t learn much with one exception. There we visited a “wheelchair clinic” with the hopes of possible identifying a better wheelchair that might be less likely to tip over backward and may be able to be raised and/or lean forward to possibly enable me to reach more and/or be a little more independent. While there, it was agreed that a home visit was necessary to confirm the options would fit in our condo setting. Then only a couple months after #COVID19 changed everything. As a result, we weren’t able to schedule the in-home wheelchair visit until this past summer. Unfortunately, as we anticipated, the wheelchairs they felt would be helpful/useful didn’t work in our condo setting because the turns from one room to the next is too tight.

It was at that in-home evaluation that I was told they felt a amputee wheelchair would most likely be better for me, but, they weren’t aware of where to get one. 🤦

So, now with me feeling scared and uncomfortable about the marble threshold piece between the bedroom carpet and bathroom, my honey is planning on taking that out and tiling that section so it will be a smooth transition! I’m so thankful my honey can do any renovation needed! 🥰

As always, I wish you days filled with WONDER – take a minute to WONDER what it is that made you smile today!

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One thought on “What Would I’ve Done. . .If He Wasn’t Here?

  1. Omg I didn’t know you fell. I am so glad he was home.. did you ever think of selling your condo and buying a different one. One u could maneuver in better. You need a place made to accommodate your needs. I know it’s not easy but it could give you more mobility making you more independent

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