Best Hamburgers in America

LOUIS’ LUNCH New Haven, CT I was watching The Travel Channel a few months back and they were featuring the best hamburgers in America.  You may recall from my previous blog(s) that I love our special “day-trip”!  Back on February 7th, the temperature was warm; it felt like a Spring day, so off we went.  […]

Great Day, Out and About. . .

What a great day today out and about with my honey.  Took a ride around Roundout Reservoir in NY.  We so enjoy taking our day-trips through the Catskills, along the many reservoirs, lakes and streams in NY.  Stopping along side the water’s edge, fishing, walking along or just sitting and relaxing.  Having lived in NY my […]

Looks like Spring has finally sprung!

Just planted beautiful mini daffodils that my honey gave me for Easter! This weekend is supossed to be sunny and warm (well mid-upper 60’s) – honey and I are planning one of our very special “day-trips” together! I love our “day-trips” together because we get so few of them that we trully enjoy the time together, […]

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