Supporting the Verplanck Fire Department

As a lifelong resident of the tiny hamlet of Verplanck, I am proud that my great grandfather was among the founding members of the Verplanck Fire Department  (VFD) now on 8th Street in Verplanck, NY, and my father also served in the department.  The VFD celebrated 80th birthday last year!  The VFD is a volunteer […]

Eagles on the Hudson

Each time I see a Bald Eagle I stand in amazement and watch as it flys overhead or sits perched in a tree.  While we do not do many of our famous “day-trips” during the winter months, we decided to spend this weekend eagle scouting.  We simply couldn’t resist as our backyard (the lower Hudson […]

A visit to Olana

As much as I love our famous “day-trips” they are not as frequent during the winter months  as I find it more difficult to deal with the colder temps.  My poor hands and feet get chilled so fast the older I get LOL! Today was a blustery cold and windy day here in the lower Hudson […]

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