As Simple As A Hug

Hey y’all, I’ve been MIA for awhile I know, but for the most part, when that happens things are going pretty good in my life and somehow time just slips away, like it does for most.

So here I am back writing again. What does that mean, yup, you guessed correctly if you guessed things haven’t been going great or my emotions have been/are out of sorts.

So I titled this post “As Simple As A Hug”  🤗 because once again, due to being #paralyzed and stuck living life in this #wheelchair 👩‍🦼, I had two (2) really eye opening experiences that reminded me how much I miss being able to really hug someone. Both of these experiences left me angry but mostly sad. I did a simple #Google search on #benefits_of_a_hug and look what I found.

7 powerful physical and mental health benefits of hugging according to

  • * Hugging releases feel-good hormones. …
  • *Hugging strengthens our relationships. …
  • * Improved psychological wellbeing. …
  • *Hugs can lower heart rate and blood pressure. …
  • *Hugging can make us feel calm. …
  • * Hugs can reduce loneliness. …
  • * They can increase your self-esteem.

I was first reminded of how very much I miss a hug a couple weeks ago at a wake for one of my cousins who passed away. While I was deeply sad that she passed, I was heartbroken when I saw her parents, especially her father/my Uncle and discovered I was unable to give him a true hug as were they unable to give me a true hug. This Uncle is very very special to me, he’s always been there for me. Working side-by-side with my Dad, my Uncle was always available for my many apartment/condo renovations. I wanted so badly to give him a hug but that mean monster raised his ugly hand and slapped me in the face (for the first time in a while I admit) and reminded me. . . “ha ha, you can’t do that”

People are always polite, they lean in/down, maybe touch me shoulder, give a gentle kiss on my check but NEVER actually hug me or me hug them.

And then today, today is my birthday and my Mom (84) reached for my hand to squeeze when she gave me my gift. Then, as she tried to move her walker in a way that she could at least reach me to give me a kiss, I was struck again with the feeling I wanted SO BADLY to give MY MOM a hug, a real true hug. Unfortunately, that mean monster raised his ugly hand and slapped me in the face and reminded me. . . “ha ha, you can’t do that.” My Mom has an appointment with a thoracic surgeon tomorrow when we expect to learn whether or not a spot on her lung is cancer and will require surgery. No matter good news or bad, I already know my heart ❤️ is going to want to give her a big hug, but of course I won’t be able too.

I encourage everyone reading this, the next time you find yourself in a situation where a sympatric hug is needed or I’m so happy for you hug is needed, #huglikeyoumeant it!

As always, I wish you a journey filled with exploring new people, places and things – take time to learn from and enjoy each new adventure along your way!

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One thought on “As Simple As A Hug

  1. I get it. That’s what your cousin says he misses too. You know I never realized how much a hug could mean until I read your post. Thanks for opening my eyes ❤️

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