I Wish I Could Help. . .

UGH, I hate not being able to help my friends and family! My parents are aging and I’m supposed to be able to be there for them but can’t because of this damn #wheelchair!

My mother has bad knees and can’t really walk much anymore. I should be able to go get her laundry so she doesn’t need to go downstairs, I should be able to go fix her lunch when she isn’t feeling well (which is the reason for this blog post as she has been sick for past 2 days), I should be able to go over and take care of my father for her, I should be able to do so much more, but can’t!

My father is on oxygen practically 24/7, he can’t walk steadily, he can’t see (glaucoma and macular degeneration) , he can’t hear (30 years of working on and around large/loud cranes) and overall, he can’t hardly take care of himself much less help my mother, he depends on her to help him. I should be able to go fix him a cup of coffee, I should be able to go over and fix him lunch, I should be able to do so much more, but can’t!

It’s time like this that I also wonder how some people can tell me I’m “immature” in my reactions/feelings. I wonder how they would feel knowing their parents are older and unable to completely take care of themselves and they too can’t do anything to help them! I wonder how they would feel just sitting / watching as their parents deteriorate before their eyes and there is nothing they can do to help!

One of my very best friends from my childhood is going through some very difficult times. My heart breaks 💔for her and there is nothing I can do to help. I should be able to go to her during the day to keep her company but I can’t, I should be able to go up to her and give her big hugs 🤗 but I can’t!

As always, I wish you days filled with wonder – take a minute to wonder what it is that made you smile today!

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2 thoughts on “I Wish I Could Help. . .

  1. Well who ever said you were immature must have never suffered a great loss of their own body. It must be hell not being able to walk. To not be able to help those you love because you need so much help yourself. When you are born with a physical or mental channel, then you know no different. But when you could walk now can’t that’s a great loss. To have two functioning arms and hands, loose one arm and hand that’s a loss. People look at you differently. Their life goes on, but you, your at a stand still. No one comes around anymore. You are lonely you cry alone. Yet someone can tell you your immature. Well they can go to hell, as you feel that’s what your living. I know, I see you my cousin and my son living a life with such losses. All I can say to those people is,I hope you never feel the loss these two brave people suffer each and every day!

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