#Thanksgiving – Today’s Thankfulness Is In My Past

Next week is #Thanksgiving, normally a very festive and thankful season, the start of the holiday season.

By this time, the week before Thanksgiving, my house would normally be filled with fall colors, fall decorations both indoors and outdoors and smells of fall simmering in my wax warmer and on the stove.  I loved the making my guests feel warm and welcome the minute they approached our door so my outdoors was always filled with cheerful decor!

Normally I’d be planning Thanksgiving dinner with my parents and my honey.  My parents have been coming to our house the last 4-5 years (with the exception of 2016 when we skipped the holiday).  My mother always took great pride in decorating for the holiday and making sure the day was filled with decorations, fun & laughter.  I’ve tried to do the same for my parents when they come to our house.  I set the table to the best of my ability, together with my honey we prepared all the food and I always decorated my home with festive and colorful pieces representative of the holiday.

As of now, my home is not decorated for the holidays, although I will ask my honey to put a few items out before Thanksgiving day to make the day as normal as possible and ensure my parents and my honey have have a nice day .  I will serve as the “foreman” telling my honey where to put what, what dishes to use to set the table, what food needs to be prepared and how and in the end we will enjoy each other’s company and a nice Thanksgiving dinner!


As I sit and reflect on the the last two years since becoming #paralyzed, and my life overall, I can honestly say, that today, I’m thankful for my past.  I’m thankful I have two of the most amazing parents who love me and my brother with every being of their fiber, they lived for us totally!  I’m thankful for my honey, thankful that God sent me a man I only dreamed of someday meeting, never really expecting to meet let alone spend out lives together.  I’m grateful for my brother, for his unconditional love of me and everyone he met.  I’m thankful that I had the physical ability to decorate my home the way my mother taught me and the way I use to love so much, I’m thankful I had the physical ability to host my parents and brother for Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas complete with all the trimmings and I’m thankful that my honey and I were able to travel as much as we did and enjoy ourselves  together as we para sailed over the Caribbean Sea, went swimming with the turtles in the USVI, snowmobiling in VT, ziplined in upstate NY, went snorkeling in HI, held hands as we drove around the Hudson Valley NY, went tubing in the Adirondacks NY and simple laughed together hand-hand all the time.

As always, I wish you days filled with wonder – take a minute to wonder what it is that made you smile today!

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