Happy To Sad In a Second

It’s amazing to me how I can be going along about my day, everything‘s fine, I’m somewhat in a good mood, I’m not thinking about anything specific, I’m feeling okay and then I receive a phone call and within a second, it hits me, blindsided me. stopped me in my tracks and there it was again, that feeling I’ve come to know so well over the last five years since surgery gone wrong left me #paralzed and in a #wheelchair 👩‍🦼 for life, it’s sadness 😔.

That’s what happened this past weekend. I was content sitting watching my Honey put up new sheetrock in our living room when my phone 📲 rang, it was my friend/neighbor. As I’m sitting there speaking with her, she precedes to tell me how one of our neighbors invited her and two or three other ladies to her house to look at pictures that one of our neighbors took on a recent trip to Africa. I wasn’t invited. And just like that I went from happy to sad in a second. Now granted, my Honey and I were not actually home (in my condo) we were upstate in the Catskills, but my friend never indicated that I too was invited or that she told them that I wasn’t home, it was clear, I wasn’t invited.🙍

I wasn’t invited because the lady that was hosting the gathering has about 2 or steps to get into her condo. I should be use to it by now, not being invited to places, not visiting certain family and friends because they have steps to their homes, but I’m not. I’m not use to not being invited. I’m not use to not visiting some family members. I’m not use to not having friends anymore.

As sadness immediately swept through my body and tears flowed from my eyes 😢, my Honey did what he always does, and stopped working, put his arms around me, wiped away my tears and took me out. We went to the #Callicoon PorchFest 2021

I totally enjoyed spending time with my Honey as we strolled around Callicoon, listening to the various street musicians and peaking into little shops along the way. I sooo needed that mental health day today, so of course he knew just the fix….strolling around the Callicoon PorchFest 2021 was exactly what I needed. Love the street music, love the old town vibes and of course 💖  my Honey !

As always, I wish you a journey filled with exploring new places, meeting new people and finding new things – take time to learn from and enjoy each new adventure along your way!

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