What Is Once New Always Turns Old…

Here we are 2nd week of September and my Honey and I are heading to Our Place in the #Catskills NY. Crazy to think we are coming up on the 7th anniversary of the closing on Our Place. At that time back in 2014, I was still able to walk and had such high hopes for our future together here. I was looking forward to meeting new friends, being involved and actively participating in what we knew was going to be a major renovation and just making memories; and I did, until I didn’t (well actually until I couldn’t).

In the beginning, my Honey and I together (mostly him) ripped down old paneling, put in new insulation, put up new sheetrock and painted (this is where I stepped in to help) a brighter new future for us 💑. Together, we met new people that quickly became friends. Friends/family would visit regularly and frequently found themselves escaping their daily lives and spending weekends helping us turn the dream of Our Place into a reality. Together, we became weekend warriors.

Now as we approach the 7 year anniversary of when my Honey 1st carried me over the threshold of Our Place, I never could have imagined that 7 years later my Honey would continue to carry me over that threshold but for very different reason, #paralysis now requires him to carry me over that threshold.

Becoming #paralyzed in June 2016, due to surgery gone wrong, put an end to me being a weekend warrior able to participate in our weekend renovation projects, thereby making the overall renovation take much longer than originally anticipated and in a very different look than originally anticipated.

With the renovations taking longer than originally anticipated, life continues to carry forward for everyone, thereby friends/family become less available to leave their daily lives to spend weekends helping my Honey. In addition, with us not being able to get out ‘n About isn’t as easy as when I was walking, we have not been able to meet new people and make new friends as easily. The excitement and NEWNESS of Our Place seems to have lost its appeal, lost its newness and just turned into another old thing.

This weekend I was suddenly and unexpectdly hit hard with the fact that I simply go from sitting alone in my “city home” to sitting alone in my “lake house.” I’m tired of doing nothing but going from house to house and still doing nothing but sitting alone in this #wheelchair 👩‍🦼.

I miss actively participating in the renovation. I miss freely/easily being able to go out, stroll down these small country town roads visiting new antique shops (which aren’t normally wheelchair friendly) meeting new people and quite possibly making new friends. I miss having family/friends over. I miss having friends visiting. I’m tired of sitting alone in my “city home” Monday-Friday from 8:00/8:30am – 5:00/5:30pm while my Honey works (thankfully from home). I’m tire of sitting alone at Our Place in the Catskills because my Honey continues to work diligently solo to complete the renovations of our dream home, Our Place.

This weekend was the 23rd annual Bethel Woods Harvest Festival.

Even though he had many other things still to get done, yet knowing how much I LOVE going to this festival, my Honey stopped what he was doing to give me a mental health day and go to the festival for a few hours on Sunday morning. It’s an outdoor festival held on the grounds of Bethel Woods (home to the 1969 Woodstock festival) which meant my Honey needed to push me up/down over gravel, dirt, rocks to explore the various goods from local and not so local vendors. I needed this, I needed to get out, do something different that sit alone. THANK YOU HONEY! 💖

As always, I wish you a journey filled with exploring new people, places and things – take time to learn from and enjoy each new adventure along your way!

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