Announcement Time!

When I think about things logically, I know I am the one in our circle/our family 👪 that everyone comes to, everyone depends on, everyone looks to for support, for answers and for solutions. Sometimes I need someone to go to, someone to lean on and today it was someone who I’ve known my entire life (you know who you are 😉) but only in the last few years have come to know I can count on them no matter what so THANK YOU!

Now on to the ANNOUNCEMENT. . .over the next couple months I’m going to be fairly busy planning a big/small event ~ hint #1. I have family members that will be involved ~ hint #2 these family members have been doing and will be doing a lot of the “Day Of” preparing and coordinating and yes, thankfully 🙏 deciding on some of the details such as food 🍽️ and decorations 🎉🥳🎊🍸💐♫ ~ hint #3 — have you guessed it????

MR. & MRS.


So exciting and so surreal to that that after 17 years my honey and I are getting married, I’m beyond happy! But I’m also nervous, nervous because being in this #wheelchair presents several things to think about. I’ll be honest, I never thought I would ever be discussing much less planning a #wheelchairwedding, help! Also, being a #littleperson, I never really expected to have certain “traditional” parts of a wedding like no husband & wife dance, so does that mean no “special song” 🤷 no father/daughter dance, so does that mean _____, nothing 🤷 HELP!!!!

If any of you #wheelchairbrides out there have any ideas, tips, suggestions, please please please send them my way. You can reach me on Facebook or IG or email!

As always, I wish you a journey filled with exploring new people, places and things – take time to learn from and enjoy each new adventure along your way!

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One thought on “Announcement Time!

  1. life is a challenge on a good day, somedays you just have to breath. there has to be away for this dance to happen. Thinking about it.

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