Because I Say So….

I guess I could be positive and say, oh they are just trying to help, but I’m tired of people ALWAYS (at least feels like always) contradicting what I say or negatively commenting on something I ask their help with. Why is it okay to make someone feel like no matter what they say or no matter what they ask for is open to contradiction!

If you say to me, “is there anything I can do” and if I finally accept your offer and ask you to put together a one pot dish for dinner for me with these specific ingredients please don’t ALWAYS comment that this spice isn’t for that, or eww you never mix that with this.  Apparently I like this with that.

If I ask you to please don’t put my clothes in dryer, please don’t tell me this  material can go in dryer/  Apparently I don’t want my clothes in dryer.

I have thoughts, opinions, ideas, suggestions, and even recommendations on a wide variety of things including how to cook, how to do laundry, and so much more, so please, please stop contradicting me.

As always, I wish you days filled with wonder – take a minute to wonder what it is that made you smile today!

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2 thoughts on “Because I Say So….

  1. Sorry you are having problems. You may have to blowup one time and explain this is how I wont it, This is the way I like it and that you don’t really care if it isn’t the way that person would do it.

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