In Honor Of Our First Year of #Living_This_Paralyzed_Life of “Wonders” Part 1 = Q4 2018

Okay so we know it’s been 3+ years now since that fateful day in June 2016 when hip surgery went wrong and left me #paralyzed from the waist down, but it’s been almost 1 year since I started blogging again. I thought I’d recap and summarize my year of blogging about #LivingThisParalyzedLife, some good, some bad, some happy, and oh yes, some sad, but all the while a real life learning adventure.

On October 20, 2018, I wheeled up to my computer and opened my “Wonderful Wonders” blog for the first time in nearly 5 years! As I stared at the keyboard, I thought, It’s Been A Long Time….I’ve Missed You and so it began. I reintroduce myself to those that followed me previously (hoping there would still be some 😉), this time as a #paraplegic #little_person.

Initially Wonderful Wonders was all about the wonderful people, places and things my honey and I use to LOVE to see and do in and around the #Hudson Valley. Now as a #little person and a #paraplegic, traveling around is without a doubt challenging and sometimes just impossible, both emotionally and physically for both me and my honey.

Though it may have been too soon after becoming #paralyzed we did it anyway, Taking A Chance & Road Trips had always been our style and together my honey believed we could do it. I’m not going to lie, while we had a good time, there were also moments I’d wish we hadn’t gone, but I needed to try for my honey and we needed to try for us.

The Benefits & Cost$ of #Accessible #Independence can be overwhelming! Need I say more.

“Wondering” What Defines #Disabled… for me, living my life as a #little_person NEVER made me disabled. Sadly, living paralyzed made me “#disabled.”

As the holidays grew closer, #Thanksgiving – Today’s Thankfulness Is In My Past was and still is what I’m most thankful for. When I first became paralyzed I struggled when talking with “friends/family” because they either didn’t want to hear or couldn’t accept some of what I was saying, it’s like no one understood Honesty Doesn’t Mean Depressed, well not depressed all the time.

I’m still working on Finding & Believing In A Purpose. It’s hard When Friends Become Acquaintances. I’m forced to keep reminding myself and others, It’s Okay to Not be Okay…

As #Christmas approached, I found myself feeling very emotional, very nostalgic. thinking of and remembering my childhood, thinking of my brother who had passed 59 days after I was left paralyzed, as I thought All I Want For Christmas Is. . .

Of course being a paralyzed little person brings a unique set of problems that I think most average height people, both paralyzed and not, don’t think of, the inability to transfer from one place to another (bed to/from #wheelchair, etc.) such as the toilet. Yup, so, needing to have someone lift me from my wheelchair to the toilet raises yet another challenge, how do I get a pair of jeans/pants down or up when I can’t stand. So, this now forces me to wear only dresses. Because I very rarely wore dresses when I was able to walk, well, I was now forced to buy several dresses, basically replace my entire wardrobe, hey, A Girl’s Gotta Do What A Girl’s Gotta Do! Not only is this another tremendous expense in itself but factor in EVERYTHING I purchase requires shorting/alterations!

One major fact came to light at the end of 2018, the lack of TRULY #accessible restrooms so I decided to be a strong #Advocate For #Family Restrooms!

2019 was in sight and I was “Peaking” Into A New Year. Still not sure what the future held, not sure if I even wanted a future, but none the less, life was going to carry with or without me whether I was ready or not.

So as I summarize my first year of re-blogging, this was a summary of my thoughts and feelings from Q4 2018 when I began blogging again, almost 1 year ago. Stay tuned for a summary of Q1 2019 thoughts and feelings.

As always, I wish you days filled with wonder – take a minute to wonder what it is that made you smile today!

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One thought on “In Honor Of Our First Year of #Living_This_Paralyzed_Life of “Wonders” Part 1 = Q4 2018

  1. Yes it was sure a time for our family. First we lost my cousin . We were told he would not make 20. I believe anyway. But with my aunt and uncles care, my cousin had a full life despite his disabilities, he was happy. My cousin who writes this blog walked into a NY hospital and had to use a wheelchair when coming out of hospital as something went wrong. Being a little person has always had its difficulties, but my cousin faced her challenges, and pushed to succeed, which she did, but now being wheelchair bound has really changed her life. She can’t reach items or use her arms as average people could. This in itself makes her life difficult.but her significant other has shown his love for her in more ways then I can count. Men like him are few and far between. They are both blessed to have each other.they both balance the other. A beautiful romance for sure. Then my son had an accident. Lost his fingers on right hand. Paralyzed right arm. Broken pelvic, ankles limbs, yes life has surely , given my family much sadness these last few years. But we’re here, struggling yes, but we’re here. We sometimes cannot figure out what God has planned for us, or why we must suffer as we do. I have to believe there are good things ahead for my cousin and my son. So all I can say is this is our life now, and we will all push ahead, doing our best and hoping there are wonderful moments waiting for my cousin and son. This is my wonderful wonder. Hope life sends rainbows as we have surely experienced the clouds.

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