Lost. . .

Here I am close to 3 years later and I’m still feeling so lost, lonely, angry, sad, depressed, just so very very lost.

While most all family/friends have stopped visiting and calling me (primarily due to me asking them to stay away because I no longer have privacy in my home to talk freely because I’m forced to have this stranger (aka #aide) sitting there Monday-Friday), I appreciate an invitation to a family/friends house for lunch, I politely decline because 1) I can only go on the weekend when my honey is home, otherwise I have no way to get they 2) I can’t “easily” get in anyone’s house that has steps (which most do) and 3) I actually don’t want to be embarrassed if this stupid #wheelchair won’t fit through a doorway once inside the person’s home (which has happened).

Frankly, I feel if people truly wanted to spend time with me/us they could/would come visit me/us any evening or any weekend, maybe that’s wrong but that’s how I feel.

As always, I wish you days filled with wonder – take a minute to wonder what it is that made you smile today!

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One thought on “Lost. . .

  1. Now you need yelling at. You are talking like al when you yelled at him for saying the same things you are saying. Come on. Tell aid to give you some space. Can’t she sit in spare room or outside on balcony. Or take you outdoors for a walk. Anything to add to your day. She doesn’t have to be in same room all the time. You can call her of you need her. Glad you enjoyed fair. I love it too. Had good day Friday with friends and Saturday with my Debbie. It was great. Oh yea I have my chickens again four of them

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