Jumping On The Band Wagon For Optimal Healing. . .Hopefully

Okay so while more and more people are already enjoying the benefits of #CBD oil, I finally gave in and decided to give it a try. Since hip surgery gone wrong 5 years ago left me #paralyzed, in a #wheelchair and with neuropathy in my left foot, which has progressively gotten worse, I was becoming desperate to find relief.

So now came the question of where to buy. I knew I only wanted to purchase pure/true CBD oil so I started researching organic CBD hemp products. With so many products now “claiming” to have CBD oil and/or hemp seeds/oil it can be confusing. Hemp seed oil is very different from CBD oil. The hemp plant produces leaves and flowers and of course the flowers have seeds. The medicinal compounds are found in the leaves and flowers not the seeds. Dakota Organics ONLY uses the medicinal parts.

The pins & needles (#neuropathy) was bringing me to tears sometimes. Over the last 5 years I purchased a TENS machine which I use 2x a day (morning before I get out of bed and again at night when I get into bed) and sometimes 3x (mid-day). This works/worked to a point; maybe I’m just so use to it now that after 5 years it no longer sustains me. So I started with the Tincture 1000mg CBD Oil hoping for some relief. I took 3 dropper fulls a day and was pleasantly surprised. After a few weeks I was able to tolerate the pins & needles during the day with a bit less stinging.

After having some relief with the oil, I thought maybe the CBD & CBG Pain Relieving Salve could help with my continuous pain in my left hip/groin and my knee….I know I know, sounds like every part of my body aches somehow, that’s almost true unfortunately. Wait, wasn’t it my left hip reconstruction surgery back in 2016 supposed to eliminate pain….not render me a #paraplegic! Anyway, I’m not sure if from sitting all day in the wheelchair or what, but at night, when I attempt to go to bed and lay down the pain was so overwhelming that it was beginning to take an hour or more for me to find a comfortable position as I couldn’t lay my leg down flat/straight on the bed. My Honey would need to do deep massages in my groin area just so I could hopefully lay flat. I can tell you the salve WORKS!!! After only 2 applications I felt immediate relief! The salves by #Dakota_Organics are 1000mg, making them much more potent and effective than the average 100mg or 500mg salve. Their healing salves relieve discomfort and tension from injuries, old or new, while helping to soothe and support achy muscles and joints for people of all ages! I know I need knee replacements but I am terrified to go through another surgery and, to be honest, I don’t know a doctor that has experience in knee replacements for #little people.

I strongly encourage anyone suffering with stiff/tight muscles/joints to try the salve in combination with their oil! Together they are a win-win.

As always, I wish you a journey filled with exploring new people, places and things – take time to learn from and enjoy each new adventure along your way!

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