Sunday Funday

I’m so grateful for yesterday! The sun was shinning, the temperatures were comfortable in the low 70’s, with a cool breeze. The morning started out like most Sunday mornings as we relaxed with our coffee ☕.

A friend called and asked if my honey could help walk her through pairing their new phones 📱 with their printer 🖨️. After speaking with her for a few minutes my honey said it would be easier if we just went over so he could do it himself. So, we grabbed our masks 😷 and off we went. Within less than an hour he paired both their phones to their printer and was able to pair one of their car’s bluetooth.

After finishing helping our friends, we looked at each other and said, now what, the sun is shinning and we were only minutes from the quaint Village of #Cold Spring, NY, one of my favorites! In the past, before #paralysis, we wouldn’t have even hesitated, we would have said let’s go, let’s go walk around the village for the afternoon. But, living life #paralyzed from my waist down, thanks to surgery gone wrong that fateful day in June 2016, we haven’t been to Cold Spring in over 4 years.

Cold Spring’s Main Street offers a unique shopping experience with a variety of antique shops, clothing shops, coffee houses, restaurants, outdoor dining, desserts and often live entertainment!

The only downside to this charming village is the fact that Main Street is a very steep slope down to the river. With me now forced to live life in this #wheelchair 👩‍🦽, I feel/felt it was too much for my honey to have to push me and in addition, most of the shops have steps to enter the shop, again, too difficult so I haven’t mentioned visiting the village in over 4 years.

But, as always, my honey says “NO PROBLEM.” we got this (a.k.a., he’s got this). Always looking to make me happy, he drives around the block 3 times looking for a parking spot! Once parked, he says. “ready, let’s do this!”

As luck would have it, Spice Revolution, a wonderful bakery shop was like two doors down from where we parked. Now, if you follow me, you know from previous blogs that my honey LOVES ❤️❤️❤️ his desserts and ice cream so naturally we had to stop. While I wasn’t able to go in due to the stairs, my honey went in and got us a couple Italian chocolate chip cookies that are to die for!

We continued down Main Street and came upon The Blue Olive, premium olive oil and vinegar tasting shop owned by a former colleague of mine! Even though there were a few steps, my honey made sure I was able to get inside!

A little further down Main Street was The Cold Spring Antiques Center which is a multi-dealer antique center in a 19th-century bank building in the center of Cold Spring. We use to love visiting antiques shops! We haven’t been able to do much antiquing as most antique shops are in old homes/buildings that are not #accessible and/or have a large quantity of inventory thereby making it very tight inside and not passable in in wheelchair so being able to get inside here was very exciting.

Knowing how much I love the river, we then walked one block over (again VERY STEEP HILLS) crossing the train tracks to the rivers edge park area where a beautiful gazebo, tiled promedade and benchs to enjoy our ice cream 🍦 from Moo Moo’s Creamery!

I was only able to get into 2 shops but it was the idea of again, my honey and I doing something totally unexpected and very spontaneous that made the afternoon so very special.

As always, I wish you days filled with WONDER – take a minute to WONDER what it is that made you smile 😊 today!

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Funday

  1. So happy to hear about your recent trip to Cold Spring. Isn’t it great! I love it and Moo Moo’s is a must! I could hear the “happy” as I read your blog “Sunday Funday”. The fall season offers so much to do and it’s just about here. I hope to read about more fun and interesting things you and your honey find to do. Thanks for sharing

  2. The best times are the unexpected ones.i thought all stores had to be we accessible. So why aren’t there more there. Your honey is an amazing man. You much fulfilled his emotional needs totally. He said he was there for the long haul. And he is. I am glad your love is deeper than most. You are both an inspiration to all who know you both. God Bless and NEVER give up

  3. Thrilled to hear you made it out to some fun and enjoying your time together. Its not always about the ride, its about the trip. enjoy

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