My Mind Say Go, My Body Says, I Can’t

UGH. . .sometimes I just want to scream😱 😱 !!!!! I heard the mailman 👮 come deliver the mail ✉️, my mind says go get the mail, ugh, my body says you can’t (I can’t get get out my front door in my #wheelchair🦽 without assistance). I ordered a few items for an upcoming event (BIG NEWS COMING) that I am so excited about but that excitement gets diminished with each passing minute, as each minute turns into a half hour as I wait for the mail and packages to be brought inside. My Aunt and cousin are at my parents house to visit my Mother and help her do a few things (that she struggles with and I can’t do for her or even help her with), my mind says jump in the car🚘 and go over (since my parents only live like 2 miles from me), my body says you can not, (#paralysis took my driving capability). EVERYDAY when It gets to be noontime, my mind says it’s time to walk the dog 🐕, oh yeah, my body reminds me I can’t, only this time our poor dog needs to wait too. And as it is also noon, I’m a little hungry, maybe I’ll have something to eat but once again I’m reminded I can’t, I have to wait (sometimes I wait until 2:30/3:00pm, now I am not going to be hungry for dinner) for my meals like a puppy dog. Sadly as a #little_person I no longer can reach anything in my kitchen that I was TOTALY capable of reaching before #surgerygonewrong 😠 left me #paralyzed that fateful day in 2016.

HELP HELP HELP, I am tired of my mind saying one thing and my body saying another! How does one or does one ever really accept a new lifestyle that they didn’t ask for? This new lifestyle is hard, it’s difficult, it’s challenging, it’s tiering and it’s sad.

As always, I wish you a journey filled with exploring new people, places and things – take time to learn from and enjoy each new adventure along your way!

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2 thoughts on “My Mind Say Go, My Body Says, I Can’t

  1. When you find the answer I am sure that others also would like to know the answer. Weather it’s surgery gone wrong ,or a type of accident, what do you do when you loose ability to do the things you need to do ,just to care for ones self. You may have to give up what you always enjoyed doing, how do u adjust. That is a good question, which I have no answer.people who have not endured such a life change, have many suggestions they feel are true. But how can they know, their life has not been changed. I wish they would just shut up. For they do not know. They don’t understand the physical and emotional pain you feel each and every day. Your life change effects so many you know. Family, friends who won’t call because you can’t join in the activities you use to share with them. So if anyone knows the answer please tell me. There are a lot of me’s out here who would like to know. Have a Blessed day.

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