The Magic of a Campfire

Ahh, the magic and wonder of a campfire. This past weekend we decided to do a fire 🔥 (yes, it was 90ish degrees but we didn’t care). As we sat relaxing by the water, with our drink in hand 🍷 and music playing, my thoughts began to wander faster that the waves crashing against the shore.


I found myself remembering, wishing, planning, hoping and yes, even smiling a little. Once the fire started and we were sitting quietly, I immediately remembered how in the past, when I was walking and not stuck in this #wheelchair, I would sit on my honey’s lap and we snuggled 🤗by the fire. What was nice about that was yes, the snuggling but it was my ability to sneak up on him and surprise him with a hug or kiss. I know I could have asked him to pick me up and set me on his lap but it kinda looses something when the element of surprise of gone thanks to #paralysis.

Then I found myself wishing, planning and hoping…wishing this night wouldn’t end, planning how and where my honey and I will end up, and hoping that our love ❤️ will continue to carry us through together and finally smiling 😊 because I’m already blessed to have had 15 1/2 wonderful years with the best guy I could have ever hoped to have met! 🥰 


As always, I wish you days filled with WONDER – take a minute to WONDER what it is that made you smile today!

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