A Wrong Number Turns Into A Blessing

What a surprise when I dialed a wrong number that was actually the right number…a blessing in disguise! 🙏

As you know, my Honey and I have been searching for a reasonable size and reasonable priced #accessible RV for nearly 3 years. We have called numerous #RV dealers and RV manufacturers looking for a small accessible RV, Class B ideally, unfortunately no one we called was able to help or provide any suggestions other than the factory built accessible Class A which is way to large for our needs not to mention extremely out of our price range 💲💲💲.

Then on August 17th I dialed the wrong number that turned out to be the best wrong number ever! I found an amazing company and two amazing men not only able to help us find an accessible Class B but eager and anxious to do so!  Bob and Steve of Elite Vans LLC located in Cincinnati, OH. Elite Vans’ mission is to “create the ultimate van to meet your unique  needs.” Their luxury vans are each individually up-fitted with the user in mind.  They start by asking questions to understand the lifestyle and needs of each person.  And while other companies use an assembly line approach, Elite Vans assign a small team of expert craftsman dedicated to each individual from start to finish.  We are excited to be working with Bob and Steve as together we design and build what I hope to be our return to traveling together, exploring new places and living our best life together. 

Designing and building a custom RV is and probably will be pricey, but, we hope to do a fundraiser and maybe get a few donations on our GoFundMe account. Since August 17th, Bob and Steve have already had several phone conversations with us to discuss all the various options like a Ricon slide away #wheelchair lift, pull down loft bed to allow more room inside the coach, the cost of each option, they have taken the extra time to listen and understand our needs and to explore research what would work best for our customized RV, saying THANK YOU to Bob and Steve and Elite Van Conversions just does not seem enough!

This is very similar to what we are designing for us!

The financial drain of Living This Little Paralyzed Life is daunting to say the least. We have already spent a great deal as we slowly convert our home to a smart home to enable me to use voice commands to turn on/off lights, automatic door openers that allow me to open from door when doorbell rings, the need to purchase an accessible everyday vehicle with ramp (used Dodge Caravan at $50K), not to mention all the personal hygiene items I now need on a daily basis, etc.

As always, I wish you a journey filled with exploring new people, places and things โ€“ take time to learn from and enjoy each new adventure along your way!

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2 thoughts on “A Wrong Number Turns Into A Blessing

  1. Omg of course you know I am beyond excited , about your traveling vehicle. Itโ€™s been so long since you were Abel to get out to do anything. We have been isolated since covid hit our country. You have been far longer then all of us.yes crying for you but this time they are tears of joy. Let me know about your go fund me account so I can put it on my Facebook page. So happy for you your cousin mj

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