The Angel That Paved My Path

I am beyond grateful for the support I received from an amazing woman I met approximately 25-30 years ago!

Last week I was experiencing such tremendous pain in my leg, foot and buttocks that I literally did not sleep for 3 nights straight! After 5 years of attempting to live a life with #paralysis, I was at my breaking point! I hadn’t seen any doctor since my hip surgery gone wrong left me #paralyzed in 2016. I was afraid to go to any local doctor because being a #little_person they usually look at me with uncertainty and suggest I go to NYC where I would have access to more specialized doctors, yeah right, been there done that, not doing that again! So what do I do? Where is the pain coming from, do I now have spinal #stenosis of the thoracic spine, can my #neuropathy being causing more issues, so many questions and thoughts roamed around my brain that I was completely overwhelmed. Between the pain and total exhaustion of not sleeping I broke!

Then I remembered my ophthalmologist that I use to see back in the 1990s. She left her ophthalmology and medical career and became involved in politics and decided to run for Congress and won! I then remembered that her husband is the President and CEO of one the  the largest independent medical groups in New York State, with over 600 physicians and advanced practice providers in 50 specialties; perhaps together they might be able to guide me, and guide me they did!

Within 20 minutes of my text to my former ophthalmologist turned Congresswoman, we were on the phone as I explained through my tears my lack of sleep over last 3 nights due to severe pain that prevented me from even laying down much less sleep 💤 Within a 1/2 hr I had an appointment with a neurologist 👨‍⚕️ for that afternoon. After seeing the neurologist I was given a prescription 💊for Lyrica. That night I finally slept! The neurologist believes I have a pinched nerve somewhere between L5-S1 and has ordered an MRI to determine for sure that it’s a pinched nerve. Until I have the MRI on September 3rd I have the Lyrica to keep me pain free.

I am so grateful for my former ophthalmologist turned Angel 😇 for me! Somehow THANK YOU just isn’t enough! How can I ever repay her for supporting me, caring, assuring me with her words, “we’ve got you“!

As always, I wish you a journey filled with exploring new people, places and things – take time to learn from and enjoy each new adventure along your way!

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One thought on “The Angel That Paved My Path

  1. We all have an Angle of some sort, But you hit the big one. They always say its not what you know its who you know. Thank God you know your Angel and she was happy to help you. I pray you find some just what you need to have a pain free sleep very soon. What a great find in a wrong number, with any luck it will be everything you want and need. Happy motoring !!

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