I’m Fundraising For This Accessible Class B To Help Me Get Out Once Again

As many of your know, I became #paralyzed in 2016 due to surgery gone wrong, my life as I knew it ended and I became basically a “prisoner” in my own home. I was given a “life sentence” through no fault of my own doing.

Prior to 2016, my fiancé and I enjoyed traveling, swimming with the turtles and parasailing in the Caribbean, snowmobiling in Vermont, snorkeling in Hawaii and so much more. Unfortunately all that ended. We no longer are even able to go out to dinner all because being a little person, with shorter limbs, I need assistance to transfer myself from my #wheelchair to anything which includes the restrooms. My fiancé can’t go in the ladies room and I can’t go in the men’s room so we basically don’t go anywhere.

After 3 years of searching for a smaller size RV, we found a company both able to and eager to help us design and build a custom #accessible Class B RV that will enable me to get out again and feel like a “normal human being.” 🤞

Any amount you can spare is GREATLY APPRECIATED! 🤗🙏

Please consider sharing and inspire others. Make a bigger impact by sharing this fundraiser with others. Thank you!

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