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OMG, it’s been a crazy life these past several months. As you probably (hopefully🤞) read in my Scary October post, my honey/husband and now Kurt was diagnosed with #prostate #cancer in June. Because I’m now a full time #wheelchair 👩‍🦼 user (and a #little_person) we not only had many decisions to make for Kurt, like which treatment option would hopefully result in the best outcome and which doctor/surgeon did we feel would understand our deepest concerns and have the best skills/reputation. So began the research for radiologist oncologist, surgeon and help for me which the later turned out to be the most difficult. After meeting with a couple radiologists, surgeons and urologists, we decided surgery was best treatment option and we decided on a wonderful doctor 👨‍⚕️, Karim A. Touijer, MD, MPH, surgeon specializing in Urologic Oncology; Prostate Cancer; Kidney Cancer; Adrenal Cancer; Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery; Nerve Sparing Surgery from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. As of yesterday, we are so very HAPPY to report that he is cancer free! Our path forward includes Kurt having a #PSA test every 6 months for 5 years…Onward to NOV. 2027! Until then. . .

As for finding help for me, well, that wasn’t as easy but in the end (1 week before Kurt’s Oct. 4th surgery) very successful! In addition to the lovely young woman we found to help me, Kurt and I both owe my family & friends a heartfelt To my Mom for agreeing to stay at our house for a month, to one of my Uncles who called Kurt directly several times to see how he was and offering assistance, to one of my cousins who took time off work to stay with me/us; me the night Kurt was in hospital and the next and prepared meals 🍽️ for several days and cleaned my house, etc., to one of my CIL (cousin-in-law) who also phoned Kurt directly, man-to-man, to my other cousins/Aunts who called 📱 us regularly, to our neighbors who called and had meals delivered, walked Chloe and more, THANK YOU!


As you all know, I am a #little_person and I became #paralyzed from my waist down in June 2016 due to surgery gone wrong. As I sit here now, 6 1/2 years later, I’m finally ready to say THAT’S IT…I’M DONE, I’m done thinking about it, it’s over; I’m done thinking about who did or didn’t do what or what was or wasn’t done correctly. . .none of it matters anymore. I want to focus on the here and now! This is not to say I’m healed either emotionally or physically because I’m not, and truthfully probably never will be. But the here and now is real, it’s tangible, it’s my Mom who is 83, soon to be 84, making sure she is comfortable and has everything she needs and it’s Kurt and I (US) finally letting go of some of the anger, some of the fear of what was ahead and finally focusing on MOVING FORWARD! We are eagerly awaiting the completion of our custom Class B RV 🚎 and have begun planning a few cross-country trips with #Sedona, #AZ being on the top of the list! We are also seriously looking at a #Alaskan #cruise so if any of you have any tips or suggestions please please leave me a comment!

As always, I wish you a journey filled with exploring new people, places and things – take time to learn from and enjoy each new adventure along your way!

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2 thoughts on “MOVING FORWARD

  1. Do not go all the way to prude bay. its they end of the pipeline and wasn’t worth the extra cost.other than that, it’s a great trip.happy trip planning, and celebrating Kurts recovery and being cancer free

  2. I so enjoyed reading this today. Such good news all around. I’m sure as you move forward a wonderlife life awaits you both. You deserve this and more. I’m excited for you to get to Sedona! Can’t wait to hear all about it, along with pics!
    Love and prayers always.

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