Falling For Fall…Again😉

OMG, for the first time since my surgery gone wrong left me #paralyzed in 2016, I can’t believe my inner self is actually flirting with falling for Fall. . . again! Fall has ALWAYS been my favorite season; the crisp cooler temps, the many harvest festivals featuring various local artisans (which was always important to me to support local artisans), fresh picked apples and of course the beautiful colors so vivid throughout the #Hudson_Valley & #Catskills, lucky for us we have a home in both.

We returned to Our Place in the Catskills for Labor Day weekend and took full advantage of a 4 day weekend!

We started our weekend by going to The Farmhouse Project Makers Market. Oh yes, without a doubt I was in my glory! I almost forgot that I am #paralyzed as my heart was full as we enjoyed the various folk singers; my mind was at peace as I was so enjoying meeting new artisans and admiring their handmade products until very polite strangers asked if they could help my honey as he was needing to go backwards down a hill to get to another area of vendors. While once again I felt that invisible slap in the face, oh yeah, you’re not just an average person anymore. . .but, the weekend had been going so wonderfully up to that point that we politely thanked the friendly strangers and continued exploring.

It’s been several years since I shared some of my very special finds, primarily because it’s been just over 3 years since that fateful day back in June 2016. I’m happy to again share few very special finds this time from our visit at The Farmhouse Project Makers Market:

Garden Torch
Clay Charcuterie sets  from Earth & Twine
Handcrafted Artisan Soap

Next was a great BBQ at our neighbors. We enjoyed good food, met new friends and enjoyed many laughs!

Later Saturday was another evening at Bethel Woods Center For The Arts to enjoy the music of Pentatonix & Rachel Platten! Both were excellent but special accolades to Rachel for not being afraid to talk about or be shy about her struggles and encouraging people to talk, share and help each other through difficult times.

Here we are at Sunday and we are off again! We head back to Bethel Woods Center For The Arts for the Harvest Festival at Bethel Woods with featured partner the Rosehaven Alpaca Festival! We were even more delighted when our neighbors surprised us and joined us!

But of course I found a few more special treasures hee hee

Petie’s Biscuits

As Monday came so did the morning rains but truthfully I didn’t mind. We decided to have a relaxing morning enjoying our time together!

Monday afternoon and Tuesday was my honey working hard in our yard putting down grass seed promising me a great yard next year.

I can’t lie, this Labor Day weekend was the best I’ve had in 3 years! I do so much better mentally when we are at Our Place in the #Catskills.

As always, I wish you days filled with wonder – take a minute to wonder what it is that made you smile today!

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2 thoughts on “Falling For Fall…Again😉

  1. Sounds like you two had a terrific weekend. Your finds look great. ESP the garden torch. Wishing you both a happy fall .Beautiful colors both outside and in your hearts.❤️

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