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HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🍾 Yes I’m a little late but it’s only the 11th and I think it’s okay to say Happy New through the month of January but either way…I’m sad 😔 and glad 😊 to see 2022 leave. In February 2022, I became a MRS., I got married 🧖‍♀️🧖‍♂️ making me the happiest I thought I could ever be, then two (2) weeks later I lost my Dad; I felt the deepest sadness I’ve ever experienced. So as I/we begin 2023, I am truly trying to be positive and look forward to see what 2023 has in store for me.

We are hoping our Class B RV 🚙 will be ready possibly by end of February! As many of you know, we actually began our journey of searching for an #accessible RV back in August of 2019 after our attempt to book airline tickets went terribly wrong and we began thinking, well, perhaps Retirement = Traveling = RVing – Could it Be A Possibility??, wow can’t believe it’s 3.5 years since we started this process! Then ironically two years later, in August 2021,we were surprised when out of now where, A Wrong Number Turns Into A Blessing and we met Bob of Elite Vans who said, “we can do that”! The following month we began Fundraising For This Accessible Class B To Help Me Get Out Once Again To those who have helped by donating, we send a heartfelt 🤗 thank you! In looking back, we pushed our way through two major causes for the delays with our RV. The first major obstacle was #COVID; during this time, COVID was taking over the world (it seemed 🤪 ). The second obstacle was that, due to COVID, Elite Vans was experiencing massive supply chain issues causing major delays with receiving various parts and pieces needed for the RV in addition to staff turnover which held up the process for our RV. However, after many many many phone calls and text messages Bob, Kurt and I all agreed and decided to have Elite Vans move forward and the RV without the under vehicle lift (UVL), yes I said without. We discovered another cause for delay was that fact that Elite Vans was having a terribly hard time locating a HVL. Then we further discovered part of the reason Elite Vans was having such a difficult time locating a UVL is because when they did find one, the adaptive mobility equipment dealers were not willing and/or able to sell the UVL directly to Elite Vans, the adaptive mobility equipment dealers required they do the actual installment of the UVL 🤷🏻‍♀️ That’s when another light bulb moment 💡, we could ask Drive Master Mobility, a licensed adaptive mobility equipment dealer that we already know as they #adapted my car with extended pedals over 40 years ago! WhooHoo! We called Drive Master, they said sure, just get the RV completed and they will install the UVL! Once we learned this, we signed the revised paperwork with Elite in the beginning of January 2023 and we were told they believe the RV could possibly be ready in approximately 8 weeks! Once the UVL is installed, enabling me to easily get in/out of RV from the comfort of my #wheelchair and not have to transfer we are one step closer to my dream trip of visiting Sedona, AZ!

Finally getting an #accessible RV and being able to travel again has been, and as of now still is, the best thing I have to look forward to!

So now that I’ve shared one thing I look forward to in #2023, please share by commenting below one thing you look forward to in 2023! I actually do have another thing to look forward to…we are booked on a Norwegian Cruise to Alaska in a few monrhs 🚢, more about that soon.

As always, I wish you a journey filled with exploring new people, places and things – take time to learn from and enjoy each new adventure along your way!

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