Life’s A Rollercoaster of Emotions

It’s amazing to me that the human body (primarily our hearts ❤️) can endure years of riding the emotional rollercoaster, the highs & lows, the yays & nays, of the game we live called LIFE.

This past week was difficult in many ways. I found myself, once again, stressed, sad, angry that I was physically unable to help my parents during an emotional week; yet the same time, I was thankful, appreciative and happy my Honey was there not only to help me/support me, but to help my parents. My Dad is starting to show more and more signs of early onset of dementia related hallucinations and was hospitalized for a few days last week. My Honey and I followed the ambulance 🚑 to the hospital. Due to #COVID, no one is permitted in the ER, I was only allowed to be with my father due to the fact that he can’t see and due to hallucinations they wanted to ensure accurate information was being provided. My Honey graciously waited in the waiting room for about 3-4 hours.

While I can verbally provide any and all pertinent information, once again it quickly became apparent that me being in this #wheelchair prevents me, yet again, from helping in the ways that I so wish I could. The ER has several individual rooms with doors to help prevent any spread of COVID. After sitting with my father for a while he needed to use the restroom and I was unable to open the door to get a nurse 👩‍⚕️. I felt terrible 😞. When it was confirmed that my Father was to be admitted, my Honey and I left as we could no longer permitted to be with my Father.

My Mother is terrified to be alone so one of my aunts stayed with my Mother a few nights then my Honey and I stayed a few nights.

Due to COVID, the hospital only allowed one person a day to visit and only 4 hours per day. Obviously I should not be the one person to visit my Father because if he needed physical help, opening something on his lunch tray, etc. I would not be able to help because I most likely wouldn’t be able to reach anything plus my Mother wanted to be with him. With my Mother’s car snow bound early last week, my Honey drove her to the hospital and sat in lobby to wait for her the 4 days my Father was in the hospital.

My Dad has now been home for one week and doing really well considering his age (84 this year) and his health issues. My Honey and I stayed with my parents for another 4 nights after my Dad came home so my Honey could help my Mom from doing too much walking which she struggles with daily.

So, it was a week of mixed emotions – sadness as it’s hard to watch a parent decline to a state where they can no longer care for themselves. I was angry that I felt useless and helpless all because of surgery gone wrong left me a #paraplegic. I was thankful and happy that my Honey was not only with me but without hesitation or reservation stepped in and did the things I couldn’t do: get cups of coffee, help my Father in/out of wheelchair, prepare and clean-up breakfast and dinner, laundry, etc.

Thank you to the surgeon that had the nerve to say to me directly

People in wheelchairs go on to live very productive lives

As always, I wish you a journey filled with exploring new people, places and things – take time to learn from and enjoy each new adventure along your way!

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2 thoughts on “Life’s A Rollercoaster of Emotions

  1. Since 5 years and more to come in Gods will i am taking care of my best friend with progressive MS;
    declining in her ability to take care of herself, with limitations. A MS – Attack has put her in the state of parallelization. Not able to do a simple tasks like scratching her nose. No, she cant do nothing for herself any more. I had to learn to give her my legs, my arms, my vision , all of my time and more I gave her my life to be 24 hours a day with her. It was hard at the beginning but its more then being committed to someone who need the assistants and the attention, its love.
    Have i thought to be the Caretaker, the one who doesn’t go out, not doing what I want to do..
    When she called after me she knows i am not even 10 feet away. And when I look at her see a happy,
    kind and beautiful person who knows from heart that i will never stop doing what i am doing,

    I don’t buy Roses anymore. I am the ROSE


    She calls me Captain Papi Princi Samurai

    1. Thank you for both reading my blog and for taking the time to comment. You are truly a blessing God speed!

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