It’s Been A Long Time….I’ve Missed You

It’s been a long time, 5 years in fact, wow,….I’ve Missed You!  Originally Wonderful Wonders was a place to highlight and feature the many wonderful people, places & things in and around the Hudson Valley, NY.

After a life altering situation a few years ago (which I’m sure I’ll get around to sharing more about in a future post), I now find myself wondering, wondering what’s it all about.

  In a matter of hours my life was forever changed.  It’s taken me a few years to rediscover myself and truthfully I’m not 100% but I’m working on it.  Just recently, it hit me, Wonderful Wonders doesn’t have to be only about the wonderful people, places & things in and around the Hudson Valley NY but in fact, Wonderful Wonders is just that, the wonders of life, some good, some maybe not so good but either way, the people, places & things in our lives continue to encourage us, defeat us, love us, hate us, and sometimes inspire us.

For those that followed me in the past and for any new followers, my honey still continues to make me smile, laugh & feel loved!  Together, over the past 13+ years we’ve had our share of ups & downs like most people, with the last few forcing us to find new ways to continue our journey.  Just to catch you all up on one of the best ventures, we purchased a small place in the #Catskills!  We  LOVE ♥Our Place“, our summer get-a-way, our long weekend retreat, our escape from the real world, place!

We’ve spent a great deal of time doing renovations.  We replaced old 1970s paneling in the living room, hall, spare bedroom & bathroom with new sheet rock, old sub floors with new sub floors and new flooring and all new insulation, the tub was replaced with a walk-in shower!  My honey is so handy, our motto is I design it, he builds it!

As I sit and enjoy my Pumpkin Spice coffee, this is a peak at our view from our deck! ahh, I love autumn in the Catskills!

Can you say ahhh….

I hope there are a few of you out there that will still follow Wonderful Wonders as I now wonder what’s it all about, as I begin to dig deep to understand  the “why me” of my life. I’m looking forward to sharing with you all my progress and journey of attempting to understand and manage my new journey, my new life.

As always, I wish you days filled with wonder – take a minute to wonder what it is that made you smile today!

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2 thoughts on “It’s Been A Long Time….I’ve Missed You

  1. Getting to know you and your journey has been wonderful. Your truly a beautiful person inside and out. I wish you much success and happiness along your new journey!

  2. So nice to have you back, and you’re right, too often we neglect to take time to appreciate the things that are immediately around us every day. The wonders that make up much of our happiness, the constants in our life. Look forward to reading your blog going forward.

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