Snow = A Love to Hate Life Story

Snow, it’s a fact of life if you live in a northern state in the USA, snow, it’s one of the four seasons, snow, it went from fun, exciting to fear and dreading another snow event.

As a child I use to love to play in the snow and build a snowman and have snowball fights with my neighbors. My Dad built my brother and I the coolest fort, equipped with snow benches to sit and all! Dad build me a huge snow Snoopy which took up most of our back yard. We lived on a lake and Dad would build us our own ski path from top of the driveway landing us down on the ice; gosh how we had fun.

Then there is the beauty of the snow. As I got a bit older I would sit and watch the snow falling and think how pretty it looked, especially at night when all is still and quiet.

Then came the fun again when I met my honey. Together we enjoyed snowmobiling in Stowe, VT during a romantic #Valentine’s Weekend. Horse driven sleigh rides in the woods as we snuggled together under a blanket as the snow fell lightly.

Now when the forecast calls for another snow storm the feelings are worry, fear and dread. Worry that my aide won’t be able to get here and then the fear that the one backup aide I have can’t make it either, then dreading that my honey will loose his job because he has to call in a last minute PTO day or request permission to work remote.

Something as simple as snow, which once fostered feelings of fun & excitement now generates anxiety & sadness.

As always, I wish you days filled with wonder – take a minute to wonder what it is that made you smile today!

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One thought on “Snow = A Love to Hate Life Story

  1. I understand the love hate relationship of snow. As a child we also enjoyed sleigh riding, snow forts and holding your face towards the sky,trying to catch snow flakes in our mouth. Now I see it and I worry about electric failure, and having to use the generator. A fear of falling, and possibility of breaking a bone. Worrying if my husband or I have a heart attack shoveling. I only like some snow on Christmas Eve. After that, I hate winter and wait for warmer, longer, sun filled days.

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