Uncertain Times

The #COVID19 #virus 🦠 is now affecting all our lives in ways we never would have imagined just 4 months ago. Ironically, #paralysis is now affecting my life in ways I would never have imagined just 4 years ago.

According to the experts, people age 60+ and those who have a weak immune system are at highest risk for the worse cases. We know that as a normal part of aging, the body’s ability to fight infections become less effective. For individuals with spinal cord injury (me) at any age, my immune system or the way my body responds to bacteria and viruses is not as strong. Scary for sure. 😨

With our home state of #New_York being the hardest hit with the most COVID19 cases in the country, my honey has now been working remotely since March 13th (only 2 days after the WHO declared COVID-19 a #pandemic). While this is GREAT, we are also very aware that he is THE person in our family, (which includes me and my parents), that is responsible for going to the grocery store once a week. Seems like everything lately has a GOOD NEWS/BAD NEWS feel.


  • My honey is at high risk because he is over 60. I’m at high risk because of suppressed immune system.
  • My honey is at high risk because he is the one going for groceries 🛒 and/or prescriptions. I’m at high risk because I’m exposed to the elements he was exposed to when he gets home


  • My honey saved the cost of one (1) (so far) monthly train ticket.
  • I get to feel like a person instead of a patient because my honey is here not an aide.

Still this crazy new normal has me not being able to see my parents. 😞 In my last post, Social Distancing Is The New Normal. . . Welcome to My World, I mention how for the nearly nearly 4 years I have been mostly confined to my home anyway; except on weekends when my honey is home and we can get out and I can visit my parents. Due to my father’s health being worse than my mother’s they too have spent the last nearly 4 years primary at home.

So as I sit here on day 42 of this pandemic, I’m grateful 🙏that as of this day, no one in my immediate circle of family or friends has been or is affected by the #virus and believe it or not, I’m thankful for the nearly 4 years of being “#isolated”/”#quarantined” in my home ; as I believe it has prepared me better than most to be stuck at home. 🏠

Until we can all return to our individual “normal” lives, let’s remember to #wash_your_hands and #stay_home.

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