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If you followed me in the past than you know how much my honey and I use to  our road trips and long weekends driving around the #HudsonValley, the #Catskills and sometimes even the #Adirondacks, but my medical issues the last few years have completely put the brakes on our road trips.

After not doing any traveling, locally or not, for the last few years, my honey surprised me with tickets to see Rory Feek at his farm in Hardison, TN.  Well, I was besides myself at first with excitement but then fear of the unknown set in.  But, true to form, my honey said for me to put my fears aside, he reminded me that together we can do anything!  So, together with our 2 1/2 yr old Cutie Patootie Chloe, we began our travels, some 14.5 hours.

In the past when we traveled we packed our days/nights with as many places to see and activities to do as time allowed.  Since this trip was our “inaugural” trip since my medical issues we decided we’d go big or stay home, so, true to form, we planed a week long trip which included a few days in #Gatlinburg exploring the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, then on to a couple days in #Nashville then onto our primary destination of #Hardison, TN.

Here are a few WONDERFUL THINGS (travel guides) we found helpful:

We arrived in Hardison Mill TN for a very special, “extraordinary, ordinary evening with Rory Feek“!    I first learned of the famous country duo Joey & Rory a few months before one of my surgeries in 2015.  To say I fell in TOTAL LOVE with them, their music and their story is an understatement!  I was so very inspired by Joey’s amazing faith, that, at the time, my own faith deepened, for that I was grateful.  Growing up listening to country music has made me a fan since as far back as I can remember so I naturally gravitated to Joey & Rory’s music.  I especially enjoy their Hymns album.  I’m in awe of Joey’s unwavering faith, I pray I’ll be able to find my deep faith again.  I’m inspired by Rory’s journey to continue to live the simple, honest and faithful life he and Joey began.  We were fortunate to get an autographed copy of Rory’s latest book, Once Upon a Farm and to actually have a few minute to chat with Rory and take a few picture.  It certainly was a great evening!

Below are a few of my favorite Wonderful Things from Joey & Rory, and Rory Feek; check out my WONDERFUL THINGS page for more!

As always, I wish you days filled with wonder – take a minute to wonder what it is that made you smile today!

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2 thoughts on “Taking A Chance & Road Trips

  1. I love the way you end your blog, and I took a few to look back on the day. An I recall my husband being silly as we left the doctors today. He is my heart and sole. ( My Man )

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