Who Is That Woman In The Mirror

I am not the same person I used to be. I look in the mirror only to see a stranger looking back at me, at the me that used to be.

I don’t know how to enjoy life anymore, I can’t do the things that I used to bring joy to me, I can’t plant in my garden, I can’t meet “friends” for girls night, I can’t go shopping for gifts for anyone (tell me, how do you order an Easter basket fully put together online?), etc., etc., etc. Nothing matters.

The emptiness of life in a wheelchair 😞

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One thought on “Who Is That Woman In The Mirror

  1. Hi, I can not say I feel your pain because we know I’m not in your place. However I know you gave up so many things, even the things you can still do. Like you gave up a at home work job you had right after your surgery. Things like advertising, web sites, virtual decorating, virtual assistant, Bookkeeping , write a book, write a play, a song, a movie find something you can immerse yourself in. I understand that right now you are thinking to yourself, what the hell is she talking about what an ass. why don’t you write about your life. what courage it takes to be you, how you made your way to work, what your interview was like, how you felt your first day at work. When you moved out on your own, how hard it was for your parents. What you went thru to get a car, there is so much great material in your life to write about. Please, Please don’t give up !! I love you, and want you in my life. Just start writing things on your computer and then start putting them in some order. I think you have more to give than you know. You may help someone else move forward by reading your story. Much love JO

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