Unable To Attend…Forced To Remember From A Distance

Here I sit yet again feeling sad and angry because once again I’m forced to be left out of an upcoming event I should be attending.

Many towns, cities, villages and towns in and around the NYC metro area created special memorials to honor those member(s) of their local community that parrished on #9/11, and mine was one.

Back in 2014, my able body self became a member of a task force charged with creating a memorial for our Town and Villages to never forget that fateful day. Utilizing a twisted piece of steel from the North Tower and a hand sculpted bronze statue, the Buchanan * Cortlandt * Croton-On-Hudson 9/11 Remembrance Memorial Reaching Through The Shadow was established at Croton Landing in Croton-On-Hudson, NY.

Each year since our memorial was completed, our Town Supervisor personally emails each of the Task Force Members to invite us to that year’s memorial service on 9/11. A week or so ago I received my email. This year’s Memorial Ceremony will be held on Wednesday, September 11, 2019 at 4:30 p.m. and for the 4th year I will not be able to attend.

I am not able to attend because:

  1. I can not get out my front door without assistance due to thresh-hold at front door (living in a condo limits renovations)
  2. I can not get to parking lot without assistance due to sidewalk that is to steep and my #wheelchair tips back
  3. I have not way to get to the location without my honey who will be working Wednesday. Now, my friend did offer to come pick me up BUT…..that doesn’t work because:
    1. My friend is a woman who simply can not lift me (I admit, approximately 80 lbs.) from my wheelchair (approximately 70 lbs.) to the car
    2. Attempt to lift my wheelchair, fold it and put in her car
    3. Attempt to lift my wheelchair out of car and unfold
    4. Attempt to lift me from car to my wheelchair
    5. Then when Memorial Ceremony is completed reverse the process.
  4. Not to mention, if needed, I have NO WAY to go to the bathroom if needed! This by far is my biggest problem!

So, sadly I will not attend the Memorial Ceremony with my fellow Task Force Members and friends but I will spend the time to reflect, to be thankful that in 2014 I was able to be apart of such a meaningful cause, to remember the nearly 3,000 lives lost and to pray for the thousands of lives affected by the terrorists attacks.

As always, I wish you days filled with wonder – take a minute to wonder what it is that made you smile today!

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One thought on “Unable To Attend…Forced To Remember From A Distance

  1. My friend.
    I understand your need honor those we lost on that date, You honor them not by memorial but by your good actions & kind words. That day many Americans lost their civility. They chose hatred over love. We will win this war by letting people feel our unconditional love.

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