Shad Fest 2010 in Lambertville NJ–then over to Peddler's Village!

This past Saturday was an absolute perfect day, so, of course, me and my honey headed out on one of our famous “day-trips” only this one was outside of our normal Hudson Valley adventures. 

I’ve been trying for the last two years to get roe for my father when the shad is running but haven’t had any success locally.  We heard about the Shad Fest in Lambertville, NJ so we decided we would make the trip (about a 2 hour drive) in the hopes of finding roe for my father.  While we had a great time, unfortunately we again were unsuccessful in finding any roe for my father. 

There’s a short period in the spring when Alosa Sapidissima run. American Shad, which are anadromous like Salmon, leave the ocean and swim up fresh water rivers to mate. There’s even a bush called the shad bush which blossoms about the same time of year. People look for the signs with eager anticipation of this once a year treat. Huge festivals celebrate the shad up and down the rivers where they run. Shad roe, the large double roe sac is a delicacy that appears on many upscale menus during spring.  Unfortunately, the shad population has declined in recent years to dangerously low levels.  To learn more about saving the American Shad and other Hudson River signature fish which are similarly at risk, consider attending the 20th Annual Shad Festival and Hudson River Celebration at Boscobel in Garrison, NY.

None the less, the Shad Fest in Lambertville was fun.  We enjoyed the “world famous” crab cake sandwich provided by Bell’s Tavern

Bell's Tavern

for lunch and strolling up and down the streets visiting the local shops and area vendors.  A few of the area vendors/shops we visited and yes, purchased great items from include:

Me & My Dog Pet Bakery offering gourmet pet treats made from only the highest quality, fresh, all natural ingredients.  No sugar, salt, artificial flavors or preservatives of any kind.  Their treats are personally hand-rolled, cut and baked to insure freshness.  In fact, their treats are so fresh and preservative-free that they recommend refrigerating them when they arrive.  So if your 4-legged family member needs spoiling, shop their online store today!

Anneliese Honsinger has the most adorable Pet Bandanas!  Bandanas are available in multiple sizes, colors and patterns to choose from.  Yes, my little girl benefited most from out shopping LOL!

OMG, while we were not successful in finding roe, Ennis Market & Gourmet Deli? located at 5 North Union Street in Lambertville had the best shad chowder – I was thrilled to be able to get my Dad a container!

Overall, the people, food, arts & crafts were “wonderful”!

It was such a beautiful day and we still had the afternoon ahead of us so, at the suggestion of our neighbors (thanks Donna & Hank), we decided to head over to  Peddler’s Village in Lahaska, Bucks County, PA which was only about a 4 or 5 mile drive.  Oh my gosh, without a doubt Peddler’s Village is now on the list of One of my “Top Picks” places to visit! You can’t help but fall in love with this quaint village with its winding brick pathways to unique shopping and dining experience!  There is truly something for everyone from 70 specialty shops and six restaurants to the luxurious 70-room Golden Plough Inn and the Giggleberry Fair family entertainment center. They have 11 annual events.  We visited a few of these “wonderful” shops including:

My Favorite Shoppe – WOW, I loved this shop!  I bought the cuties little flower shelf people to along the edge of my kitchen’s ceiling molding. There were so many “wonderful” items in this store that I had to restrain myself.  I can promise you, we will be visiting this shop again (and again!).

Pewter Plus – I know I’m repeating myself but, I loved this shop too!  Susan (the owner) was a delight and pleasure to meet.  This shop surrounds you with a warm and inviting atmosphere from the minute you open the door.  Here you will find a display of traditional table and accessory pewter, tastefully surrounded with fine American folk art decor and wall enhancements.  As a collector of perfume bottle, I couldn’t resist purchasing this perfect mini pewter and green glass perfume bottle! 

Signs of the Village was fun.  Reading the many custom sayings made us laugh at a few and become impressed by others.  All of their signs are custom made and manufactured in their Feasterville warehouse or now right there in the Village! If you don’t see a particular saying you were hoping for, just let them know and they will custom make your sign. 

Pigadilly’s Ice Cream and Gelato okay, okay, you all know how much my honey and I love to indulge in our desserts while out ‘n ‘bout sooo, we of course had to stop in at Pigadilly’s!  But, we were good, as usual; we shared an absolutely delicious dish of black raspberry ice cream!!  

Elderth Pottery has a great selection of exceptional hand-made salt-glazed stoneware and redware using many of the techniques employed by the Pennsylvania Germans. 

Thomas Kinkade Gallery – here too I could have purchased a few specific pieces.  My father has bought me a few Kinkade pieces over the years as I am such a huge fan of his work.  I one specific piece that I saw that I hope to go back and purchase soon!

If you haven’t yet visited Peddler’s Village I strongly suggest making the trip!  It’s a great place for the entire family or for a weekend get-a-way!

As always, I wish you days filled with happiness and “wonder” – take the time to “wonder” what it is that made you smile today!

Shad Fest 2010 – Lambertville, NJ pictures

Peddler’s Village pictures

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