Out and About over Memorial Day weekend!

Happy Memorial Day to everyone!  Yes, Memorial Day serves as the unofficial start to Summer for most of us and it is so much too.  I hope we all took some time this weekend to remember and be grateful to the men and women who have served and for those serving now – to those men and women I say “thank you.”

Saturday started out as an ordinary day. My honey had his annual meeting of his model airplane/gliders club in Orange County.   He has been building and flying for nearly 45 years.

A sampling of my honey's glidders
A sampling of my honey's gliders

Sunday was off to church then spent a great afternoon at my parents working in and around the yard!  Sitting on my parents lower patio  which on located on a lake with the majestic the Hudson River serving as it’s background.  It’s funny because my Mom and I were saying (which we have said many times in the past), people pay a lot of money to go on vacation and have views like this for a week or two, how luck we are to have this beauty in our backyard!

After leaving my parnets late Sunday afternoon, we decided yes you gueesed it, taking one of our very special “day-trips” but leaving Sunday night.  So we headed out toward Hunter Mountain in the Catskill Mountains.

Thanks to a quick Google search before we left, we found the Forester Lodge in Hunter.

Forester Lodge Hunter, NY
Forester Lodge Hunter, NY

For a simple overnight the lodge met our needs.  The only thing I would like to see more of in the Catskills is pet friendly hotel/motels.

Then Monday morning and we were off for a day in the mountains.  First on our list was of course breakfast!  What is it about breakfast out of town that makes you more hungry for breakfast when you are out of town than when at home LOL!.. So, we headed to Windam to the Catskill Mountain Country Store & Restaurant – what can I say except WOW!   The food was GREAT! So many wonderful items to choose from we’re just going to have to go back! The service was outstanding and the country store was adorable!

Catskill Mountain Country Store & Restaurant
Catskill Mountain Country Store & Restaurant

Next on our fabulous “day-trip” was fishing the Schoharie Reservoir.  We found a wonderful little spot just off In-Take Road where we could spend a few hours fishing and enjoying the splendar of the mountains.  RoadSo while we used our special new “trout worms” we still didn’t catch anything but some sunburn!  After a while we decided to head start towards home as we were approximately 2 1/2 hours aways from home.  Driving down 145 headed toward Route 23 — passing and or going through Prattsville, Middleburgh, Leeds, Durham and East Durham to mention a few.   Totally forgeting that this weekend was the Irish Festival in East Durham.  Being dissappointed that we missed the weekend’s Irish Festival I made myself feel better by purchasing a great new Irish/county Cd at the great Ireland Gift Shop on 23 in E. Durham NY.

Schoharie Reservoir off In Take Road
Schoharie Reservoir off In Take Road

I so love the Catskills!  So many wonderful things to see/do, places to visit and wonderful people met along the way!  So I will leave you all for tonight wishing you all blessed and peaceful week ahead!

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