I’m Sorry… My LOVE Isn’t Enough…

Aging parents is tough on many I know, but I’m feeling so very sad as there is really nothing I can do to help my parents, my love ❤️ just isn’t enough. 😔

We’ve all seen and/or heard the stories of the adult children caring for their aging parents, but sadly I can’t. With both of my parents in their 80’s I should be the one they can turn to/lean on but I’m not.

My mother has severe arthritis in her legs and can barely walk or even stand for any length of time. I should be able to drive her and accompany her on her doctor appointments, but I can’t, instead my aunt goes. I should be able to go get her laundry and do it for her, but I can’t, instead my cousin does it. I should be able to prepare meals for them both, but I can’t, so instead I’ll order delivery.

My father mainly stays in bed now, he can’t see due to macular degeneration, he can’t hear, even with hearing aids, due to his career working on large construction machinery for 30+ years and now he is on oxygen 24/7 and in a #wheelchair. I should be able to drive him and accompany him on his doctor appointments but I can’t, instead my honey goes.

My Mother is wearing herself out trying to take care of my Father. Barely able to stand, she prepares coffee in the morning and gathers his pills and brings them in to him as he isn’t able to walk out into dinning room. Once finished, Mom will hobble back to living room and sit and watch TV before being called by my Father for a 2nd cup of coffee ☕ or needing something to eat. The walking/wobbling back and forth is too much for Mom. My Mother is deteriorating and there is nothing I can do.

All I can do is try to buy them everything I can think of (foldable walking cane, motion lights on side of bed, bathrub safety rail, etc.) to maybe help make their daily lives a little easier.

I know this feeling of helplessness happens to many many people as they watch their parents begin to slow down, but I can’t help but be angry that the reason I can’t help them is because of #SURGERY_GONE_WRONG!

I’m so very thankful for my honey as he is always willing to do whatever is needed for my parents. I’m also very thankful for my cousin and her mother, my aunt.

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One thought on “I’m Sorry… My LOVE Isn’t Enough…

  1. So sorry you are going throuh this. Thank God for family, and your honey. You are truly blessed to have so many people praying for you and your family. Stay strong and keep your faith.

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