15th Annual America's Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration

Can it be…can it be that I have written since October? Yikes! Can it be that 2010 is gone-it went too fast! Can it be that we are ushering in a new year already-wait it’s happening all too fast!  So I need to play a little quick catch-up here…below you’ll hopefully get a better understanding of why and how much we love Plymouth, MA.  Remember we accidently found our way there back in the summer when thanks to hurricane Earl our vacation to St. Thomas was rudely interrupted.  Because we fell in love we Plymouth we were eager and excited to go back this past fall and take part in their annual Thanksgiving Celebration….hopefully after you read this and browse through some of our pictures you too will want to visit and perhaps attend their celebration this year!

In November we went back to Plymouth, MA for their 15th Annual America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration and loved it!  We already established that we LOVE Plymouth so I’m not sure if it was the Thanksgiving Celebration or simply the fact that we were back in Plymouth that made our weekend so special!

Rand McNally rates Plymouth’s Annual America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration #1 in “unique ways to celebrate America’s Thanksgiving.”   The weekend long celebration was kicked-off by a great concert held on Plymouth Memorial Hall on Friday night.  We were treated to great performances by the American Originals Fife & Drum Corps followed by a spectacular concert performed by the Air Force’s Tops In Blue; the Air Force’s premier entertainment show.

We were thrilled to be among the 175,000 people at the parade on November 20th.  The annual event is billed as the second largest Thanksgiving Day Parade in the country, according to event organizers.  A special treat this year was for the first time in recent memory, a C-5B from Westover performed a flyover at a parade.

The aircraft carried 200,000 pounds of cargo on a mission bound for a base in the Midwest. But first, it flew a “positioning leg” up the Plymouth, Mass., coastline to the delight of all us attending the parade.

While an Army National Guard unit shot large-caliber blanks next to Plymouth Rock and in sight of the Mayflower replica, Mayflower II, the C-5 banked and headed west out of sight.

From the concerts to various events & activities such as the Thanksgiving Parade, America’s Hometown Historic Village – New England Food Festival – Crafter’s Pavilion –  Wampanoag Educational Pavilion by Plymouth Plantation and more all taking place at the Waterfront Park it made for a spectacular weekend, one I’m grateful we had a chance to attend!  I would strongly encourage you to consider attending this year’s celebration – trust me, you’ll be  glad you did.  And remember, if you need a great place to stay, call Sandy at http://thorntonadams.com/ B&B.  Sandy’s warm hospitality will welcome you from the minute you meet her.  Her smile is inviting, her home is  comfortable and her sincerity is refreshing.  Sandy’s charm, and holiday decor will bring a smile to your face! Oh and bring your appetite because her breakfasts are totally over-the-top delicious!

As always, I wish you days filled with happiness and “wonder” – take the time to “wonder” what it is that made you smile today! 


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